Stone business support us in a variety of ways

2 Jan 2024 | View all news

Stone-based Extramile Digital has been supporting our hospice throughout 2023.

The digital marketing company wanted to give back as a business and staff were quick to decide on Katharine House Hospice as their chosen charity.

James smiling after the London Marathon with his medal
James even ran the London Marathon for us

Head of Search Jene Knight explained: “Many of our colleagues are local and so are fully aware of Katharine House and know what they do, some have had personal experiences with them too.

“We wanted to help, and as a collective we’d raise so much more for this amazing charity.”

Sales and Marketing Director James Roberts is one of those that has seen firsthand what our charity can do.

“Unfortunately a family member of mine passed at Katharine House during lockdown. They were really supportive of the family and we’re really pleased and thankful for everything they’ve done.

“Our staff really wanted to support a charity so we sat down and discussed local charities and it was an easy decision to come to with Katharine House being such a big one in the local area and doing amazing work.”

Extramile Digital set themselves a target of £6,000 to raise throughout the year, meaning they’d pay for a day of care in our Stafford hospice, and they’re nearly there.


Since January 2023, the company has held a wide variety of fundraising events, from the typical bake off and football pool to more unusual ideas such as selling clothes to each other with all the money going to charity.

Some members of staff have gone even further, with James running the 2023 London Marathon and Jene teaming up with Managing Director Amanda Brooke to throw themselves out of a plane.

James raised more than £1,500 and said it is one of the highlights of his life, while Jene and Amanda loved the challenge and added more than £2,000 to the company’s total, which stands at over £5,300.

Jene said: “Skydiving had been at the top of my bucket list for years but I’m very laid back usually, so it was a challenge for me to push myself a bit further.

“Weirdly I felt calm, I thought I’d be really nervous but it hit me when I got to the ledge.

“To me it was the most incredible feeling though, flying like a bird. It was an unbelievable experience and I’d definitely do it again.”

Amanda added: “It had always been on my bucket list too and I loved it, like a kid in a sweetshop and I never stopped smiling from the minute I got there till I landed.

“Loved it, the feeling of floating and just flying was so exhilarating and what a fabulous cause to do it for.

Amanda free falling in a tandem skydive
Amanda skydiving
Amanda free falling in a tandem skydive
Jene skydiving
A woman sat smiling beside a table of baked treats
Extramile also held a bake off to raise funds

Business Buddies

Extramile Digital are not only fundraising, but have also signed up to be a business buddy.

It’s a great way for businesses to support our hospice as it gives us a regular income which helps us to plan and budget for our care services. We also have different packages with flexible payment options to suit all.

Not only is the team raising vital funds towards the hospice’s care services, but they are also sharing their skills and expertise by supporting our hospice marketing function, which is invaluable to us as a small charity.

James explains how the company has found supporting us throughout the year: “It helps with company morale, we’re one team with one objective. It’s been great seeing people coming together to raise money.

“It shows you’re a company that cares, cares about the community and giving back and not just what profit you’re making.”

Jene added: “It’s been really nice doing additional work for Katharine House, it’s a good opportunity to give back and the team are really enjoying it too.”

James said: “I don’t see why local companies aren’t business buddies, there are different levels that you can choose and it’s a good option if you haven’t got time to fundraise to help a great charity.”