Katharine House Hospice joins forces with Local Hospice Lottery to raise over £1.4million during the next five years

Katharine House Hospice are delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new partnership that will significantly increase lottery income for the Hospice over the coming years. In fact, through Katharine House Hospice ceasing their existing lottery and choosing to work with Local Hospice Lottery instead, more than £1.4million will be raised for local care over the next five years alone!

Katharine House Hospice logo and the Local Hospice Lottery logoLocal Hospice Lottery is a not-for-profit, hospice owned society lottery and from June 2022, Katharine House Hospice will be one of 30 hospices throughout Great Britain benefitting from the proceeds raised by its weekly draws. This regular and reliable income will make a big difference to the amount of exceptional care that can be provided for people with advanced life-limited conditions across mid-Staffordshire.

Taking part in the Lottery is an easy, affordable and fun way to help Katharine House Hospice to keep caring locally and anyone can get involved by joining online now at www.localhospicelottery.org!

Sarah Hulson Beech, Head of Fundraising at Katharine House said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with the Local Hospice Lottery! Our new partnership means we can promote the lottery to more people, offer bigger prizes and raise more funds for Katharine House. It really is a win win situation! To have regular and reliable income to the tune of £1.4 million over the next five years means so much to us and our patients and families!”

By sharing management costs and overheads, Local Hospice Lottery’s innovative and collaborative model ensures that as much money as possible can be passed to hospice care, whilst also giving players the opportunity to win in a larger prize fund too.

For each £1 entry in the weekly draw, Local Hospice Lottery will give between 60% and 80% of profits from individuals playing in support of Katharine House Hospice to Katharine House Hospice. This is significantly more than most other society lotteries (NB: as a comparison, People’s Postcode Lottery passes 32p in every £1 to the good cause, The Health Lottery donates 26p and the National Lottery gives just 21p) and to date, Local Hospice Lottery has raised over £43million for hospice care across Great Britain. They were also named ‘Lottery operator of the Year’ by The Lotteries Council in 2018.

Katharine House Hospice considered various options when deciding how to develop the income stream from their existing lottery and after all due consideration, decided that joining the Local Hospice Lottery was the best option for both the Hospice and its supporters. Katharine House Hospice will now benefit from receiving more from every £1 entry than they did previously – and the more local people that play – the more they will receive!

Anyone aged 18 or over can join the Local Hospice Lottery and play in support of Katharine House Hospice and have a great chance to win as they help the Hospice to keep caring for local families in need. Membership costs just £5 per month and there are currently 201 cash prizes to be won every week:

  • Guaranteed £2,000 prize
  • A £1,000 rollover prize (which can reach as high as £25,000)
  • A £100 prize
  • 8 x £25 prizes
  • Plus 190 x £10 prizes.

That’s a total weekly prize fund of £5,200 – the largest of any hospice lottery.

There are also three Super Draws that take place every year, giving players the chance to win an additional guaranteed top prize of an incredible £10,000 every March, September and December.

When asked what Katharine House Hospice means to her family, Jane Litchfield, whose mum was able to die peacefully at home thanks to the care provided by the Hospice’s team, had this to say: “My Mum had Parkinson’s for about six years and for the last two years of her life she was bedridden and unable to move anything but her hands. She had become rigid, her limbs becoming painful and sore.

Jane Litchfield pictured with her Dad.
Jane Litchfield with her Dad.

“Dad (who is in his 90’s) was her main carer alongside the wonderful care of the Katharine House Embrace and At Home team. Mum had very unsettled nights, she had to be moved regularly or else she became extremely uncomfortable. Katharine House At Home team started to offer night sits as often as they could. At first Mum was against having anyone in at night, however, after a while she became more secure in the knowledge that someone was staying awake throughout the night with her and she wasn’t waking Dad.

“These night sits quite honestly changed our lives, it enabled us as a family to keep Mum at home in her own bed. We can’t express how grateful we are that Mum died peacefully in her own home in bed surrounded by her family and the regular calls from fantastic carers who genuinely cared for both my Mum and Dad was absolutely priceless. The care we received was only available because of the support we get from people who support the Hospice through things like the Lottery.”

The income raised through this new partnership will play a vital part in enabling Katharine House Hospice to keep caring for local families like Jane’s, both now and in the future too.

To help recruit new players and raise more money, a team of paid fundraisers will be working in the local area in the coming months – both door-to-door and at venues – offering local people the opportunity to sign up to the Lottery. Each member of the team will be wearing a branded uniform and have a Local Hospice Lottery photo identity card. If you would like to view photos of the fundraisers, or are interested in becoming a paid fundraiser yourself, please visit the Local Hospice Lottery website at www.localhospicelottery.org.