FAQ: Leaving a gift in your will to Katharine House Hospice

Why should I make a will?

Making a will is one of the most important things you can do to safeguard your family and ensure that your wishes are carried out after death.

How can I make a will?

  1. Decide what you want to do
  2. Contact Octopus Legacy or a local solicitor
  3. Choose your Executors
  4. Keep your will up to date and in a safe place.

What kind of gift can I give in my will?

These are some of the ways you can choose to leave a gift to Katharine House Hospice in your will:

  • Residuary legacy – the remainder of your estate, after all your other legacies and commitments have been paid.
  • Pecuniary legacy – a sum of money, specified in your will.
  • Specific legacy – a certain item, perhaps some shares or jewellery, stipulated in your will.

Is it expensive to write a will?

Making a will does not have to be costly. You can create a basic will with Octopus Legacy for free, which would normally cost approximately £90. If you want to make a more complex will, or if you choose to have the freedom to update your will at any time, then the Octopus Legacy website will show you a quote.

Local solicitors will provide a quote to produce your will based on your circumstances.

Am I too young to make a will?

There is no restriction on the age when you can make a will.

What if I don’t have many possessions to leave?

Writing a will is not just about deciding who will receive material items, a will can also be used to name guardians for your children or outline your funeral wishes.

Do I have to make a donation to a charity?

All donations, whatever their size, really do help and will make such a big difference, but you are under no obligation to leave a donation to charity.

Are there any taxes paid on a gift which I leave to a charity?

No. All gifts to charities are free of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Your solicitor will be able to provide you with advice specific to your circumstances. Currently the threshold for Inheritance Tax is £325,000 for individuals. Married couples and members of civil partnerships are able to transfer any unused allowance to a spouse or partner so that they can leave up to £650,000 before death duties are due.

Can I change my will once it has been written?

If you write your will through our partner Octopus Legacy, you can choose to pay £10 per year, which will allow you to make changes when needed for no additional costs.

If you use a solicitor to write your will you can make a simple change by using a Codicil. This is a legal amendment to a will, which needs to be signed and witnessed in the same way as your will. Your solicitor can give you advice about how to do this.

Is there anything else I can do to help through my will?

If you would like to help without leaving a gift to Katharine House Hospice you can specify in your will that anyone who wishes to make a donation in your memory should make it to Katharine House Hospice.

How can I find out more about leaving a gift to Katharine House?

If you have any queries please contact Kelly from our Fundraising Team on 01785 270808.