Tribute Funds

Tribute Funds

Our free, online tribute funds can offer you comfort by helping you to remember and celebrate your loved one while supporting local people receiving care from Katharine House Hospice. 

We’ve partnered with Much Loved to offer tribute funds that never expire and give you many different ways in which to remember and honour your loved one. You can:

  • name your fund after your loved one
  • add photos, videos, stories and music
  • share with friends and family so they can make a donations and post messages of love and support
  • collect funeral donations
  • light candles to mark special dates and anniversaries
  • link your fund to a JustGiving page if you are fundraising for a specific event.

Is a tribute fund easy to set up?

It should take no more than 10 minutes to set up a tribute fund to your loved one, and the site is very simple and easy to use.

If you need any help then we are always happy to set it up for you, just call the Fundraising team on 01785 270808.

Does my tribute fund need to be public?

No, it can be private, for just you or your family to view, where you can share your special thoughts and memories together. It is a great way to bring distant families together, uniting you at a difficult time. You can adjust your privacy settings whenever you want to.

Do I have to pay for a tribute fund?

No, this is a free in memory service offered by the Hospice. We believe that it is important to keep the memory of your loved one alive, and feel that everyone should have this opportunity to share their photos and messages in tribute.

Does my tribute fund have to raise a minimum amount?

No, there is no minimum fundraising target, you do not have to fundraise at all if you feel that you are not able to. There are many different ways to fundraise and when you set up your fund, we will sent you a pack via email which will give you some options. It is up to you if and how you decide to fundraise.

How long will my tribute fund be set up for?

You can keep your loved ones tribute fund open for as long as you want. If you would like to trial it privately first that is also possible each tribute can be tailor made according to how you would like to remember your loved one.

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