Sue Humpage

Sue Humpage

Sue is part of the At Home team at Katharine House Hospice. As the name suggests, the team deliver care and support in the comfort of patients’ homes.

As part of the home care service, Sue provides care through the night.

Sue explains the importance of providing nighttime support and what she would typically do during a night sit.

Sue Humpage, Health Care Assistant, standing next to the Katharine House Hospice logo.

“Patients can often become more unsettled during the night, and being awake all night is very tiring for their family who is looking after them.  By sitting with a patient during the night, I can give a family a much needed rest, which can make all the difference; they are able to go to bed and not worry that their loved one is alone.

“My night shift is driven by the patient’s needs, such as making sure their mouth isn’t too dry. I may help the patient to drink or get comfortable; sometimes, a patient might want me to massage where they have pain or discomfort, place a cool flannel on their forehead, or just chat if they are able.

“The Hospice At Home team supports approximately 220 patients across Mid-Staffordshire each year. Without this service, many families would simply not be able to fulfil their loved ones’ wishes to die in their own homes.

“We can’t provide our specialist care without the support of our community, people like you.

“Thank you so much for your support.”


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