Night Shift Appeal

Your support is vital in providing end of life care to patients in their homes throughout the night.

Sue is part of the At Home Team at Katharine House Hospice. She provides end of life care in patients’ homes, through the night.

“Patients can often become more unsettled during the night and being awake all night is very tiring for their family who are looking after them.  By sitting with a patient during the night, I can give a family a much needed rest, which can make all the difference; they are able to go to bed and not worry that their loved one is alone.

My night shift is driven by the patient’s needs, such as making sure their mouth isn’t too dry. I may help the patient to drink or get comfortable; sometimes a patient might want me to massage where they have pain or discomfort, place a cool flannel on their forehead or just to chat if they are able.

The Hospice At Home Team supports approximately 220 patients across Mid-Staffordshire each year. Without this service, many families would simply not be able to fulfil their loved ones wishes to die in their own home.

We can’t provide our specialist care without the support of our community, people like you. Please, make a donation of your choice online.

Thank you so much for your support.”

Sue Humpage
Donate to Katharine House Hospice via the Enthuse platform.


would provide a work bag

These bags can carry all of the supplies needed to care for a patient during the night.


would provide navy cardigans

These can be given to our Health Care Assistants to provide extra warmth during the night.


would pay for an entire night shift

This is how much it costs the Hospice to provide care during the night in a patient’s home.

Patient Story

Jane’s Parents

Jane Litchfield shares how care provided during the night helped her parents.

“My Mum had Parkinson’s for about six years and for the last two years of her life she was bedridden and unable to move anything but her hands. She had become rigid, her limbs becoming painful and sore.

Jane Litchfield pictured with her Dad.
Jane Litchfield pictured with her Dad.

Dad (who is in his 90’s) was her main carer alongside the wonderful care of the Katharine House Embrace and At Home team. Mum had very unsettled nights, she had to be moved regularly or else she became extremely uncomfortable. She eventually was unable to distinguish between night and day because she was in and out of sleep continuously. My Dad was struggling, he was sleeping in a single bed alongside her. Mum would call out up to twenty times a night to be moved, he would get exhausted, this meant he was unable to function throughout the day making him more susceptible to falls and getting ill himself.

Katharine House At Home team started to offer night sits as often as they could. At first Mum was against having anyone in at night, however, after a while she became more secure in the knowledge that someone was staying awake throughout the night with her and she wasn’t waking Dad.

This meant that Dad could go to a separate room and get a good night’s sleep knowing that Mum was in good hands. This allowed Dad to be more able to deal with Mum’s care during the day. This was peace of mind for myself and my brother who feared that Dad would not  survive the stress of the whole experience.

These night sits quite honestly changed our lives, it enabled us as a family to keep Mum at home in her own bed, and of course Dad still got tired, but the night sits got him through this very upsetting time in both of their lives. We can’t express how grateful we are that Mum died peacefully in her own home in bed surrounded by her family and the regular calls from fantastic carers who genuinely cared for both my Mum and Dad was absolutely priceless.”

Our care is only available because of the support we get from people like you.

Thank you. x


Donate to Katharine House Hospice via the Enthuse platform.