Working in charity shops

11 April 2024 | View all news

Are you considering volunteering or working in our charity shops?

Last year our charity shops raised more than £1.5 million towards care.

Helping us to provide free specialist palliative care to 2,041 patients and their families in Stafford and surrounding areas.

Our Stoke team tell us what they enjoy about their Katharine House retail job.

Stoke Deputy Manager, Jane, smiles to the camera while organising a shelf.
Jane is the Deputy Manager for the Stoke Shop.

Fulfilling job

Jane is the Deputy Manager for our Stoke charity shop and has worked there for nearly two years.

She says, “the team spirit here at Stoke and within the whole company is fantastic.

“We feel really supported and it’s just such a fulfilling job.

“I had quite a serious health issue and I’d been in the same job for eight years.

“When I got on the other side of my illness, I just decided I wanted to do something different.

“I searched ‘Jobs in Stoke’ and the first one that came up was Katharine House.

“It’s just perfect for me, I love everything about the whole concept.

“And I wanted to give a little bit of something back.”

A new path

Colleen had no background in retail when she applied for the charity retail assistant job two years ago.

“Don’t be worried about if you haven’t done retail before.

“You just pick it up as you go along.

“It’s a really friendly place. All the staff are great and we all help each other.

“I didn’t know about Katharine House Hospice before I started.

“When I saw the job, I looked up what Katharine House was, what they do and what it involves.

“It really fired me up to think I could work somewhere that makes such a positive difference.”

Giving back

Lee is a regular volunteer and loves the variety of the role.

“Sorting through the donations, putting the furniture out, helping to create window displays, working on the till…

“I’m here and everywhere!

“I’ve volunteered most times in my life, especially since my mum passed away.

“I just think it’s brilliant giving back to everyone.

“Katharine House is just a lovely place to work for.”

We would love to have you on board.

Keep an eye on our vacancy page, fill out a volunteer form or chat with our team at our shops.