Telemarketing firm answers the call to help thank supporters

18 Dec 2023 | View all news

Staff from Stafford based telemarketing specialists, HBMtelemarketing, took a day out from their busy schedule to help our staff and volunteers thank our many supporters for their generosity throughout 2023.

The telemarketing team and Katharine House staff sat around a large desk about to make phone calls.
Helen Bancroft-Morris (front right) with HBMtelemarketing and Katharine House Hospice staff

Our deputy CEO Lisa Taylor said: “Each year our team call to say thank you and happy holidays to our supporters, those who have donated, shopped with us, run a marathon, opened their gardens and any other way they may have shown their support.

“Our aim is to help patients with life limiting conditions and provide support for their families. All our care is provided free of charge and wherever it is needed, whether in the patient’s home, within the community or at the hospice.

“We rely on our local community to help us raise around £2.5m. Because of their kindness and generosity, we can continue to be there for those who need us.”

Lisa reached out

Lisa got to know HBMtelemarketing MD, Helen Bancroft-Morris earlier in the year after noticing her posts on business social media site LinkedIn.

Lisa explained: “Helen is a high-profile local businesswoman and I decided to get in touch.

“I thought we might have a brief chat and I would pick up a few hints and tips on telemarketing. However, we got on so well that by the time we ended the call, Helen had offered to pledge time from herself and her team to support us over the next two years.

“I told Helen about our annual phone calls to all our supporters, both individuals and businesses, and she thought it would be a great idea to kick-start their support by helping us with the calls.”

The HBMtelemarketing team joined our staff and volunteers on Thursday, 14 December.

‘Nothing but praise’

Helen Bancroft-Morris said: “I grew up a stone’s throw from where Katharine House Hospice stands, and I know what a local treasure it is and how it helps so many people with care and compassion.

“When Lisa reached out to me, I immediately wanted to help in whatever way I could. Making the phone calls was a great way for myself and the team to get a feel for the way in which the hospice has such a positive effect on so many people.

“We were all humbled talking to people, whose loved ones had spent their last days being cared for by the hospice, and then go on themselves to selflessly give their time to raise money so that others can receive the same level of care. Everyone we spoke to had nothing but praise for Katharine House.

“We came away with such a positive feeling. It certainly wasn’t a tick-box exercise, and I could tell the conversations were really important to people in reinforcing their place in the Katharine House community. Collectively we made over 400 calls on the day which is a fantastic achievement.”

“I’m really proud of our links with Katharine House and we are all looking forward to building our relationship with Lisa and everyone at the charity. It’s a privilege to be able to help such a fabulous organisation and as a business owner I can see the positive effect it has already had on us all.”

Get involved

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