Hospice Placement Experience

15 Feb 2024 | View all news

For a student nurse, practice experience is vital.

Have you been allocated a placement in a hospice and wondering what to expect?

Donna, a third-year mature nursing student from Staffordshire University, shares her placement experience with us.

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“Just do it!”

“If you’re considering a placement in a hospice… don’t consider it, just do it!

 “The staff here are fantastic.

“The knowledge and experience everyone has is incredible.

“If you are looking to work in a hospice or hospital environment, there’s so much that you can learn here that you can transfer across.”

Tying everything together

“My placement involves all aspects of holistic care, patient-centred care, clinical and personal care, end of life, supporting the patient and the family and the next of kin. Everything.

“I’m ex-military and my background is in acute care.

“I’ve had such a variety of placements, but having this hospice placement has just tied all the skills together.

“Physical skills, but also emotional for personal development and growth in the job.

“I’m dealing with more of the emotional side and end of life.

“I’ve learned so much in this placement. It’s been amazing.”

Student Nurse Donna on placement in our hospice ward.
Student Nurse Donna on placement in our hospice ward.