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How Your Kindness Helps

“I’m proud to announce our new Therapy & Wellbeing Centre and service launched in May 2023, with the vision of helping more families who need our care.

“For our patients, this means they maintain their independence, are in control of their condition and can access the services they will help them whenever they need to.

“We would not be able to provide the care without you. And we want to carry on helping as many families that need our support and for the community to know we are there to help if they need us.”

Catherine Browning
Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Outpatient Care Lead

Catherine Browning smiling at camera.

How We Help

As Catherine said: “Katharine House Hospice would not be able to provide the care we do without you.”

So, here is what your generosity and support has given our community.

Caring for almost 35 years

Our services and what we do to help families continue to grow and develop. We have more professionals and experts on hand, a better doctor and consultant service, and we are more able to help more patients when they need us.

Our expert team

We have an amazing team providing exceptional and compassionate care made up of: doctors, palliative nurse specialists, healthcare assistants, lymphoedema specialists, complementary therapists, physio and occupational therapists, counsellors, spiritual care and family support workers.

Holistic care

It’s not all clinical and managing pain and sickness. We help people live better quality lives within the constraints of their illness. A huge part of our day is providing emotional and psychological support. And creating laughter, making memories and focussing on living.

Care for everyone who needs it

We support families and loved ones and we are there from day one.

Bringing people together

We are really good at bringing people together and getting people talking. Some people don’t like worrying their loved ones, so to talk to, listen and swap advice and tips with someone going through a similar thing and to know you are not alone is priceless. We provide that safe place, a place to laugh and live, or a quiet space for solace.