Mr Zia Din

Zia Din is a Consultant Physician in Acute and General internal Medicine at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS trust (UHNM) and has over 20 years of Clinical and leadership experience working in different health care models. In his current Clinical leadership role he serves as the Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) and Deputy Divisional Chair for Medicine and Urgent care at UHNM. He has clinically led the integration and implementation of various IT systems and solutions across the trust. He is the Joint CCIO for the Staffordshire System and strives at improving patient care by facilitating Clinicians to access key information at the point of care. As a Clinical Leader he is passionate about Quality improvement and has lead and implemented various Quality Improvement projects at UHNM and across the system. He has a keen interest in Same Day Emergency care (SDEC) and Models that support more outpatients, community or home based care. He has lead on the development and implementation of various models of care to support SDEC.