Dry January

Bin the booze this January to give yourself a boost and help the people of Mid-Staffordshire who are in need of hospice care and support.

Dry January benefits

According to Alcohol Change, out of previous participants:

  • 86% save money
  • 70% experience better sleep
  • 66% have more energy.

So, while a tipple may seem tempting in the cold days of January, a break from alcohol could be the best treat you could give yourself.

Go dry for Katharine House

If you would like to support us then thank you! There are two ways you can help us by choosing to go dry this January.

Donate your savings

  • Put the money you would otherwise spend on alcohol to one side.
  • Count up your savings at the end of the month.
  • Decide how much of your savings you can spare.
  • Send us your donation and we’ll put it to good use!

Get sponsored

Need extra motivation? Why not tell your friends and family that you’re going alcohol free and ask them to sponsor you?

Sending your donation

Donate online; please mention Dry January in the comment box.

Send a cheque, made payable to Katharine House Hospice, to the address at the bottom of this page.

Hospice patients and nurses holding a sign that reads "Thank You".