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To make a referral

All health and social care professionals are welcome to make referrals. Please download the patient referral form, complete and return to Katharine House Hospice by email

All new referrals will be reviewed and responded to within one working day of referral.
If you require the At Home Team, please call 07966 502551 Mon - Fri, 8am - 8pm. Weekends & Bank Holidays 8am - 5pm.

Additional information for referrers

  • Please ensure the referral form is completed as fully as possible to enable a prompt decision to be made.
  • If an ambulance ie required the referrer will be asked to arrange this.
  • A full list of the patients medication should be included with the referral.
Admission & discharge information from In-Patient Unit

It is anticipated that the average length of stay for those admitted with symptom management will be one or two weeks. Respite care will also be for 1 - 2 weeks and run from Friday to Friday. Planned respite is organised in advance with patients, carers and health professionals. We also offer crisis respite.

Patients should:

  • Arrive by 11am on the day of admission.
  • Bring their current medication, toiletries and clothing with them.
  • During their admission, their medications may be changed and palliative treatments initiated. Discharges are carefully co-ordinated by the care team, in liaison with the community and hospital staff. Referrers will be informed of their patients discharge in writing and will receive information about changes in medication and treatments given whilst in the hospice. Patient/carer review meetings are held weekly on Tuesdays. Referrers maybe invited to attend prior to the discharge of their patient.

For further information contact: Medical Director or Ward Manager Tel. 01785 254645 or email referral