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Our greatest asset is our staff resource, whether paid or voluntary. 

We have a wide range of dedicated, professional, enthusiastic employees who work together to deliver a service of excellence. In addition we rely heavily on our volunteer workforce who diversify and expand the services we can offer to our patients. Almost 600 volunteers support the 200+ staff employed by Katharine House Hospice.

To ensure the comfort of volunteers and staff and to protect the best interests of our patients, we provide full training for all roles and no experience is necessary.  We encourage new and existing volunteers to try any and as many roles as they may be interested in, alongside another experienced volunteer or member of staff.  Volunteer roles that involve regular patient contact are subject to enhanced CRB clearance.

There is no minimum commitment for a voluntary role at Katharine House Hospice. Although some volunteers prefer a more regular position, others choose to volunteer on a flexible basis, either way we are more than happy to accommodate.  Brief details of volunteer roles appear below.  We'd be delighted to hear from you and if you have skills or experience in an area that's new to us and we think it would benefit the services we offer at Katharine House Hospice, we'll consider how we might be able to use them. 

If you would like to apply to join our volunteer team or would like to find out more (without commitment) then please contact:

Voluntary Services on 01785 254645 or email:  

Current Volunteering Opportunities:

Drivers Roles 

The Voluntary Services department at Katharine House Hospice welcome enquiries from volunteers who would be interested in helping provide transport for patients attending our Day Unit. We require drivers to collect patients from their home bringing them to or taking them home from the Day Therapies Unit or Lymphoedema Clinic appointments.  The role is one of the most caring voluntary roles at the Hospice as it probably includes the most one to one time with the patients. Driving is a very rewarding role which everyone on the existing driving team enjoys. 

Because the role of driving is at the heart of the organisation it is essential that the rotas are always comprehensively covered and the Voluntary Services team would be delighted to hear from anyone who thinks they can help.

Volunteer Car Drivers - Drivers will use their own cars, for which they will receive mileage expenses. 

Mini Bus Drivers  - Drivers will be provided with full training to enable them to drive the hospice’s mini buses and provide transport for our less mobile patients. 

Drivers need to: 

  • Be over the age of 21 
  • Hold a full UK driving licence
  • Have excellent people skills 

All car drivers will need to provide evidence of: 

  • Adequate motor insurance 
  • Access to their own roadworthy vehicle 


We have 2 reception desks - one at the main hospice site, the second at our Lymphoedema Clinic just 500 yards or so away from the hospice.  Each environment is very different, but it is vital that all callers, visitors and telephone calls are dealt with professionally and courteously.

Main Hospice

This can be a busy and varied role, providing the all-important welcome for visitors and callers.  We are reliant solely on volunteer support to provide reception cover between the hours of 8.45am and 9.00pm.  During office hours, which at times can be quite busy, the reception is covered by two volunteers.

Lymphoedema Clinic

Again the reception role is dependent on volunteer support, this time between the hours of 8.45am and 5.00pm.  Volunteer receptionists will meet and greet patients attending lymphoedema or counselling appointments, answer telephone enquiries and may assist with some simple admin tasks.

Patient Care 

Listening to and talking with patients and helping with lunchtime tasks or craft sessions within the Day Therapies Unit.  Volunteers will have excellent communication skills and show evidence of strong personal qualities, all are important in this type of role as there will be a lot of contact with patients.


Opportunities to use clerical/computer skills in the office, represent the Hospice at talks/cheque presentations or get involved in one of our fundraising events.  Our fundraising team are reliant on volunteer support, which might be helping with street collections, helping stuff envelopes or even with telephone calls to some of our supporters. 

Tea Bar Volunteers 

Katharine House Hospice runs the tea bar in Cannock Magistrates’ Court. The tea bar is manned entirely by volunteers who serve a variety of snacks and beverages. 

The tea bar generates £8,000 worth of vital income as a result of the hard work and dedication of the volunteers that staff it. If you could spare a couple of hours a week, to serve tea and sell refreshments then please let us know.


Helping in the General Office with a variety of clerical activities, full training will be provided, the role may involve opening, sorting or franking of general post, invoice processing, filing, shredding, laminating or photocopying 

Gardening Volunteers 

Our patients and their families enjoy and benefit from the beautiful gardens and grounds of the hospice.  Volunteers are key to helping keep the hospice gardens tidy which might be on a regular basis, adopting certain individual areas, tidying, weeding and planting up as necessary, helping with smaller or group projects, or even popping in during the warm weather to water the plants or hanging baskets. 

Kitchen Volunteers

All of our patients enjoy freshly cooked food, which is prepared on site by our dedicated cooks.  Although there is no food handing involved in this role, volunteers will help over the busy lunch time period with the delivery and distribution of food to our patients in the In Patient Unit, wash dishes, loading and unloading the dishwasher.  Again no experience is necessary, full training will be provided, but due to the regular contact with patients, CRB clearance and excellent people skills are essential.

Shop Volunteers 

Helping with a variety of retail tasks in order to raise much needed funds. Please contact your nearest Hospice shop or Call Voluntary Services on 01785 254645 or email: 

Recycling Warehouse Volunteers 

Our recycling Warehouse offers a variety of opportunities for volunteers across the many 'departments' housed within.  No experience is necessary, full training will be provided but excellent customer service skills and an interest in retail are a distinct advantage.  A selection of oppotunities is highlighted below but, if you think you could help somewhere we haven't identified and can offer us just a few hours - contact us for a chat:

Voluntary Services on 01785 254645 or email: 

Volunteer Processor - the first point of contact is often the most important.  This volunteer role helps with decisions on what might be sold or recycled, where and how to merchandise donations and even with the pricing.

Cashier and Retail Volunteer - Customer service is paramount in this area which might be assisting customers on the shop floor or manning the tills.  Cash handling and possibly Git Aid processing will be part of this role.

Office Volunteer - along with basic admin and general office tasks, a key aspect of the recycling is the delivery and collection service.  Lots of telephone calls are received, so it is important that they are dealt with confidently, appropriately and accurately to assist the Transport Manager in his role co-ordinating the collections and deliveries.

Specialist - certain departments within the warehouse would benefit from volunteer knowledge and interest of specific areas.  These include:

Volunteer Picture Expert - do you have an interest in or knowledge of art?  We need someone to help sort, price and identify any unusual or special donations.  This department needs someone who has a genuine love and care of art.

Books Volunteer - we have a wide variety of books which could be categorised and displayed, making them appealing to customers who may offer them a good home.

CD's or Vinyl Volunteer - do you know your Beethoven from The Beatles? We want someone who has a genuine interest and love of music from all genres, to ensure they are priced to appeal to our customers.

Volunteer Antiques - we have lots of 'bric a brac' donated, and need someone who has a knowledge of antiques and could help us ensure we aren't underselling. If you have a keen eye and an interest in antiques - we need you!