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Sponsor a nurse at Katharine House Hospice.

"My name is Brian Taylor, I am 75 years old and live in Hednesford. Back in October 2009 I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Prior to my diagnosis I was an active man, having retired from a 43 year career in engineering. I enjoyed spending time with my family, my wife, step-daughter, 3 granddaughters and great grandson. 

After my diagnosis I felt sccared of what the future would bring, but coming to Katharine House has been a life-line. I have been coming to Day Therapies twice a week for four years. At first the difference this made to my life was marginal as I was still active but, since I have lost the ability to move, the difference the hospice has made to me is immeasurable. 

A gift of just £15 to sponsor an hour of nursing care would make a real difference in ensuring that they can continue to care for families like mine."

Click here to sponsor a nurse. 

By sponsoring a nurse you will be helping us to help local families make the most of the time they have left together. Please help and make a donation today if you can. Donating is easy, you can donate at the bottom of this page or call our fundraising team on 01785 270808. By sponsoring a nurse you will be supporting our nurses as they provide free vital care everyday of the year - 24 hours a day. Whatever you can give will be very much appreciated.