Patient and Family Support Services

Patient and Family Support Services

At Katharine House Hospice, our Patient and Family support Services exists to promote emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being, and also practical signposting to outside agencies if required, for Katharine House patients, carers, family members and friends.

When someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, everybody in the family is affected. We will try to meet you wherever you are in your journey; taking the opportunity to provide timely and appropriate support, to listen and to get the best possible outcome for you.

We work with patients, families and friends, both pre- and post-bereavement,

Counselling Service

Facing our own death, or the death of someone we love, raises many thoughts and feelings. We may feel shocked or numb and it can take a while to sink in. We may feel nothing. It can feel very difficult to cope and we can worry about how we can ever feel ‘normal’.

Counselling gives you a better understanding of how you are feeling. Talking confidentially to someone other than family or friends can be helpful. We offer short term counselling support and one-off calls when you need us. We can also offer supportive calls on a regular basis, to help you through particularly difficult times.

Emotional and Spiritual Care

Meeting the emotional and spiritual care needs of patients and family members is as important as the physical and practical care that we offer.

We can help by giving you space and time to reflect and make some sense of your situation, to talk through some of the questions raised, to sort things out and to restore a sense of balance and peace.

Some people will have specific requests relating to their religion or culture. For others, spirituality describes anything that gives value and meaning to their lives. All aspects can be covered within spiritual and emotional care.

Bereavement Services

We offer pre and post bereavement support for adults within our counselling service, delivering compassionate focussed support through group support and one to one counselling sessions.

An invitation to the on-line memorial service is also sent to families of loved ones who died within our care.

A referral form for our Patient and Family Support Services can be completed by a healthcare professional, a patient or carers by contacting  Patient and Family Pathway Team on 01785 270832.