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 Physiotherapists, referred to as ‘Physios’, help restore movement and function as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by other disability.


 What is the Physiotherapy Service at KHH?

 The Physiotherapy Service at KHH is made up of one part time physiotherapist who works 7.5 hours a week at the hospice.
 They work closely with health and social services in the hospice, hospital and in the community, particularly the Occupational Therapists and Social Workers.
 This service offers anybody who is identified to have a physical need to be assessed by a physiotherapy a full assessment.
 The physiotherapist works on the in-patient ward as well as in Day Care and within the Well-Being programme, assessing and treating any appropriate individuals.

 What can the Physiotherapist help with at KHH?


Assessment of mobility and balance problems, including provision of walking aids.
Falls prevention and advice.
Advice on exercises on general fitness, or for a specific ache/pain/problem.
Assisting patients with setting realistic and achievable goals.
Self-management strategies for breathlessness.

For more information please contact our physiotherapist

 Laura Thomas
Tel: 01785 270836


 Laura Thomas