Social Work Service

What is the Social Work Service?

The Social Work Service is made up of two part time social workers who work on behalf of Katharine House Hospice. We work closely with health and social services in the hospice, hospital and in the community. This service offers anybody who has a social need identified a Social Work Assessment. This will identify  any social needs of the patient and family. We can also offer informal practical knowledge and advice about benefits, community resources and support services.

What we do?

Supporting the complex discharge of patients, including funding and care providers.
Facilitating a patients preferred place of care. Ensure that patients and families are receiving the financial benefits and grants to which they are entitled.
Offering carer and family support.
Facilitate moving between care providers.
Referring on for additional support services.

For more information

For more information please contact  one of our social workers:

Gill Knight or Katherine Smith
Tel: 01785 254645