Bereavement Counselling

Katharine House Hospice supports both patients and families. Inevitably families and those close to patients will at some point undergo a grieving process.
The death of someone dear to us can be accompanied by strong emotions and may affect many aspects of our lives.

Grieving is a normal process. It may, however, give rise to feelings you did not expect. Sharing your feelings with a person who is not too closely involved can be helpful and Katharine House Hospice can support you through your bereavement .

At first you may feel numb, not able to believe that the death has happened. You may feel anxious and alone and desperately sad. You may feel disappointed and angry that the plans and dreams you had may not be fulfilled. Sharing your feelings with someone may bring some relief, you may feel less anxious. 

The Bereavemnt Counselling service is only available to Katharine House Hospice patients and their families
For more information about this service contact Judith Locker, Bereavement Co-ordinator on:
Hospice 01785 254645 or Clinic 01785 270800 or email:

The Katharine House Hospice Bereavement Support Service respects the confidentiality and privacy of bereaved people and information shared by them. Very occasionally, if you or someone is at serious risk other professionals may need to be informed.