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Nicky Williams, in our Transport Department shares her thoughts and reflections as she recalls memories of how Katharine House Hospice helped her best friend at a time when it was needed most.

"I have recently joined Katharine House Hospice as a Transport Administrator, receiving donations of furniture to sell in our shops raising vital funds for the hospice. Sadly and coincidentally, my best friend became terminally ill at the same time.

She, as many people do, feared going into a hospice, but after I explained that she could just go in for respite and receive holistic treatments for her emotional well-being on top of first class palliative care, she took the plunge and made her first visit.

After a short time, her health markedly improved as she was put on correct medication and was able to eat and sleep in comfort without feeling like a burden to busy hospital staff on over stretched wards. She had a manicure, massage and a haircut which made her feel like a woman again.  Overall, she told me that she loved her experience there and would never again fear a hospice. The warmth and love she felt from hospice staff was like nothing she had experienced before.

She received equipment to use at home to help her and her family to ensure that a good quality of life was maintained.

Eventually though, she lost her battle and her last wish was to be in the hospice where she said she felt safe; this was the most important thing to her.

Thankfully, Katharine House granted that wish and provided the best care at the time it was needed most.

I, as her friend, find peace in that knowledge. "