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Submitted by lcarson on 23 October, 2014 - 10:48

Holly Addison, a dedicated Hospice Supporter who has raised a phenomenal amount of money for Katharine House in memory of her father, got the surprise of her life when global superstar Pharrell Williams turned up to a lunch date with her pals.

When Holly Addison, 21, was invited out by best friend Lauren Hawke, also 21, little did she know that her meal would include a meeting with her pop idol Pharrell.

The well-deserved treat was organised by her University pals in recognition of the tireless fundraising Holly has carried out since her father Gary was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Sadly he passed away at Katharine House in February 2013, but not before he had seen the start of his daughter’s charity campaigning, and spurred her on.

She has raised just over £7,000 in just 18 months for charities including Katharine House Hospice and Cancer Research. Events she has taken part in have included Race for Life and a paraglide off a Turkish mountain, where her father tackled the same challenge.  Holly also organises charity gigs as she finds this a very effective way of fundraising.

“When my dad got diagnosed I decided to tackle it in the most positive way I could. My dad was the strongest person I have ever known, he never once complained and never said ‘why me?’ That made me strong and that’s why I decided to put my all into fundraising” Said Holly.

Just before my dad passed away he requested I raise money to buy Katharine House Hospice extra-long beds, because he was 6’7” and a lot taller than most people. The staff there were amazing, they made him so comfortable. Angels is the only way I can describe them and we have bought them two beds now.” 

Last night, Holly’s meeting with Pharrell Williams was screened to the nation in the first episode of a new series of ITV show Surprise Surprise.

During the show, Holly was also surprised to learn that cosmetics giant Barry M, were to design and produce a lip gloss with Holly, called Holly A.  The lip gloss will be sold on the Barry M website for the next 6 months, and the great news is that Barry M have pledged to contribute approximately 70% of the profits made from the product to a charity of Holly’s choice.  Holly has chosen Katharine House Hospice to receive this profit, for which we are extremely grateful.

Look out for Holly’s lip gloss online at – order code LGWHA priced at just £4.49.

Holly has also recently launched an online campaign which she hopes will change the perception of “Charity” – The C Word (see separate news story).

Thank you Holly and congratulations.