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Submitted by lcarson on 20 October, 2014 - 16:34

Hospice Supporter Holly Addison, has launched an online awareness campaign which aims to bring people together to change the perception of ‘charity’.

The world of charity is constantly changing and the force of online content now drives today’s society. The C Word aims to use the power of online to create a new perception of charity using REAL people and REAL stories.

Holly's motivation for The C Word came from a personal interest in wanting to raise awareness for health charities, especially the smaller local ones.

"I think it is important for people to know what local services are available to them before it is too late, or before a family has to act in a moment of crisis. I have been speaking to a range of people recently, and it is a common theme that people are not always aware of the services that could help them straight away and therefore they are unable to benefit from them for as long as they should do – it’s good to know what is available before you need it" says Holly.

The C Word will share a range of videos online. These videos will include real stories from real people, charity features and coverage of fundraising events.

Holly explains "Before I had visited a hospice, I thought of them as dark, miserable places where people went to die. That is so far from the case. Yes, people do die there, however the common perception of them is so wrong. I explain more about this in my video ‘My Story'."  Holly's video will be shared here on Wednesday 22nd October.

Her intention is to form a sense of community, encouraging people to come together to share their stories so that they can relate to and educate each other about the charities in the UK that so many are unaware of.

Holly says "A common perception of the word ‘charity’ is a very old fashioned one.  I want to show people you don’t have to donate money to help. There are so many other things you can do now to help support a charity such as; volunteering, raising awareness through social media, and attending events.  With fundraisers, again I feel the perception is dated. A lot of people I have spoken to think fundraising events are boring, emotional, and ‘for older people’. That needs changing. Fundraisers can come in all sorts of formats from gigs, fashion shows and casino nights for example, many of which you would pay money to attend anyway".

She continues "The perception of a Hospice is one very close to my heart that I wish to change. If my perceptions can change, I guarantee there are other people out there that can share a story of a perception that was changed for them. Together we can come together and educate ourselves"



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