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Education is a central part of the work of Katharine House Hospice and we need your help to promote a greater understanding of the work of the Hospice within the local community. Together we can encourage and promote awareness of Katharine House Hospice and the wider hospice movement. Our community fundraiser can attend lessons or assemblies and provide resources and activities that are tailored to different age groups and will support the curriculum, helping young people to deepen their understanding of social, religious and care issues. We would also welcome staff and pupils in to Katharine House Hospice for a visit, children have found this interesting in the past.

Some of the topics supported in this curriculum area include:


  • The acquisition of the knowledge and understanding that is required to become an informed and active citizen (e.g. What are hospices? What role do they perform? Are they necessary?)
  • An understanding of the concept of volunteering and placing that within a context (such as hospices)
  • The examination of ways in which young people can become active participants in supporting a community group, either in the school or the locality.


  • The confrontation of prejudices and stereotypes, e.g. about those who use the hospice.
  • The development of an empathy with people different from themselves such as those with a life limiting illness.
  • An awareness of the part played by carers in society, for example, those who look after people with a life limiting illness.
  • The encouragement of young people to discuss impending death, death itself and their responses to it, including within the family and amongst peers and friends.

Personal Development

In encouraging young people to fundraise they can be reminded not only of the good that they will do, but how they can benefit themselves by participating:

  • Increased self-esteem / makes them feel good
  • A sense of empowerment
  • A sense of achievement
  • Doing something worthwhile
  • It can provide an item for their personal portfolio and CV
  • An opportunity for publicity for the pupils and the school in the local media
  • It can be fun for the pupils


If you would like our community fundraiser to visit your school to either speak in the school assembly or in the classroom to raise awareness about Katharine House Hospice and the work that we do in our local community, we would be happy to do this. We have tailored assemblies specifically written at different levels for different age groups, copies of the assemblies can be supplied prior to the visit, if you would like to check the content. The primary aim of the assemblies is to communicate the key messages to pupils which are:

  • All of our services are free of charge to our patients
  • Katharine House Hospice is different to a hospital
  • We rely heavily on the support of our local community
  • We help people who have a range of different conditions
  • It can be fun for the pupils

Non-Uniform Days

A non-uniform day is a very easy way of raising money in your school. Simply ask pupils to come into school either in their own clothes or in fancy dress (you could have a fancy dress theme if you like) and make a donation to the Hospice, for example 50p. If you have 1,000 pupils in your school, then a non-uniform day could make £500, this would be enough to provide care for one patient on our In-patient unit for two days. Something so simple really could make a huge difference.

To find out more, contact David Middleton, Community Fundraiser on 01785 270808 or email