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Every coin collected counts. Each coin is sorted and either exchanged, melted down or sold as collectable. Medals, tokens and paper money are also of value.

You might not think that loose change from your summer holidays is worth much. Or that those old coins stuffed in the back of the drawer are wanted by anyone. But last year those unwanted coins and notes raised a fantastic £500 for the Hospice.

Why not have a look in your drawers and cupboards or even down the back of the sofa for any silver, coppers or notes from your travels? Even a few odd coins will help. Pop them in an envelope, mark it FOREIGN COINS and drop it in to the Hospice on Weston Road or into any of our hospice shops.

If you would like to help Katharine House Hospice in this way please contact the Fundraising Team on: 01785 270808

or email: