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Having a Katharine House collection box on your premises into which your customers, staff or clients can donate their loose change, is an easy way of supporting the hospice. Over 350 local businesses support Katharine House Hospice by having a counter collection box on their premises. Counter collection boxes form an important source of income for the hospice and last year they raised in excess of £10,000.

As well as collecting vital funds for the hospice, collecting boxes also keep the Hospice at the forefront of the minds of the community it serves. Businesses that give a box a home do not need to worry about maintaining their box, as it will be serviced regularly by an agent representing the Hospice. Site owners are also kept up to date by the Hospice and will receive a certificate stating the amount collected every time the box is collected.

Any companies and businesses who would like to help in this way, either by giving a box a home or becoming an agent should contact the Fundraising Team on

01785 270808 or alternatively email