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1 March, 2020 - 11:15 to 7 March, 2020 - 22:45

A 5 Day Snowshoe Charity Trek through the remote Finnish wilderness, along parts of the Russian Border


  • Snowshoe through pristine forests and over frozen lakes
  • Remote and silent environment
  • Trek along some of the Russian border
  • Stay in wilderness cabins; no modern facilities
  • Build fires in the snow for lunches
  • Optional extension ‘Run the Huskies’

This Snowshoe Charity Trek takes place on the eastern Finnish border with Russia. The route follows ridges and crosses the numerous frozen lakes all in the Hossa National Park. The whole area is covered in beautiful pristine forests, which is home to more herds of roaming Reindeer than people. The temperatures will be well below zero on a daily basis.

You will stay in wilderness cabins, some of them without modern facilities, but it will be cozy!

Daily time on snowshoes will be around 6 hours. The snow is deep and soft and the route follows varied terrain with many short up- and down hills. No previous experience on snowshoes is needed.

This is an excellent challenge, all on snowshoes (no skiing!) with the option to extend for a day to experience a 5hr Husky run. 

For further information and to view our video click here