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26 September, 2020 - 08:00 to 4 October, 2020 - 22:45

Challenge highlights

Your challenge is to complete a 100km trek through the Sahara sand and heat - living in basic tent conditions - to reach to summit of the 1000' Erg Chigaga sand dune.

This is a superb adventure for all abilities, including inexperienced trekkers, and especially as a group with a common goal.

As a wonderful, liberating and very achievable challenge, this experience will see you living the sand, the silence, the solitude, the heat and watching with orbiting satellites in the mesmerizing night skies. An experience you will never forget.


Challenge costs

Self Funded option - £1,050 (£250 deposit)

Flexi Funded option - You pay £250 deposit; you then pay £200 interim payment and fundraise a minimum of £1,200

Fully Funded option - You pay £250 deposit and fundraise a minimum of £1,600

Anything you raise over the minimum target for flexi/fully funded comes to KHH and all sponsorship raised on the Self Funded option comes to KHH.


Full details are included in the attachment below and for further information and a chat please contact our fundraising office on 01785 270808 or email