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Why Support Us as a Company?

We work closely with our corporate supporters to explore and develop opportunities to meet the objectives of both organisations. A detailed plan of exactly what the company is looking for is drawn up to ensure that we meet the needs of the company and fit in with its CSR policy. We then support you along the way offering our fundraising expertise and to ensure the company gets the most out of it. A partnership with Katharine House Hospice can have excellent commercial benefits including:

  • Improved staff morale and team building
  • Show the community that you support a charity/local charity
  • The chance to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Positive PR
  • Keeping your name in the community
  • Making a real difference to local people
  • Being an attractive employer
  • Our corporate supporters raise vital funds for the Hospice in many ways and without them we would be unable to continue caring for our patients and their families.


Over the years we are proud to have built up such a good relationship with our corporate supporters. Our ethos is to find something that benefits both the company and the Hospice. We work with companies in a number of ways depending on what resources they have to hand and how they choose to support us. We are not looking for the ‘quick buck’ but for a long-lasting and enjoyable partnership. Below are a few examples of some of our on-going partnerships.

Castle Estates supporting the Splatter Dash

Steve Roulstone, Director at Castle Estates, agreed to cover all of the costs of the 2015 Splatterdash, in order to enable to event to raise as much money as possible for the Hospice. This event was hugely popular last year and is expected to be even bigger this year, with the financial backing of Castle Estates. Steve and one of his colleagues also took part in our Sahara Trek last year, raising vital funds for the Hospice.

AF Systems supporting Annual Walk

In 2008 we teamed up with local carpet and pressure cleaning company AF Systems who kindly agreed to sponsor our Winter Walk. Andy, the proprietor, not only wanted to support the Hospice financially but, again, like many of our supporters was keen to help out in any way he could. Andy is now the on-going sponsor of this event and we love working with him on it. He is always on hand to help whenever he can and his family enjoy taking part in the walk each year. The Winter Walk is no longer going ahead and Andy has moved his sponsorship to the Big Summer Walk, our new event for 2015.

Ramsay Healthcare and MMS supporting Light up a Life Appeal

For many years, we have also been delighted to work with Ramsay Healthcare at Rowley Hall Hospital and MMS Marketing Solutions on our Light up a Life appeal. This is our largest appeal and raises a vital amount of money for the Hospice in the run up to Christmas. Both companies feature on the promotional activities for this appeal and we are very grateful for their on-going support to it.

Thank you to our 2015 Corporate Sponsors:

  • Western Power
  • Mercedes
  • Acorns
  • AF Systems
  • Stafford Railway Building Society
  • Specialized
  • Castle Estates
  • Pickering & Butters
  • Treeway Fencing
  • Handelsbanken
  • The Lewis Partnership
  • MMS
  • Dixon & Co
  • Stan Robinson
  • Rowley Hall Hospital
  • Hixon Airfield Services
  • Richard Wright Accident Repair

We would like to thank them all for their support to the Hospice in this way; it really does make a fantastic contribution in helping us to save vital costs on our events.

Other Partnerships

Barclays Bank offer a £4£ matched giving scheme up to the value of £1000 per match. Their community team are required to help out at the event and to raise the money which is then matched by the bank. We work closely with Barclays Penkridge, Barclays Agriculture and Barclays Stafford in order to raise funds for the Hospice through their scheme.

Cuttlestones nominated the Hospice as their chosen charity for 2012 and pledged to raise £10,000. Over the year they took part in a series of events including: The Three Peaks Challenge, a quiz night and a wine tasting night. MD Ben Gamble and the team raised a wonderful £8,000 for the Hospice and, although this was less then their original target, was much appreciated by the Hospice and ran the services for over a day.

Yorkshire Bank selected Help the Hospices as their chosen charity. Branches are encouraged to take part by the head office and we were lucky enough to have an extremely enthusiastic branch in Stafford who were more than keen to get on board and take part in some fundraising. The fundraising team have undertaken a series of fundraising challenges and have raised over £10,000 since the partnership began.

The Lewis Partnership -The businesses that make up the Lewis Partnership including The Swan and The Moathouse, Acton Trussell have been wonderful supporters of the Hospice and remain extremely loyal to the charity. They support us in a variety of ways including holding dining events and donating raffle prizes. They are also a member of our Ten Local Companies.

Traction has always been extremely supportive of the Hospice and each year kindly lend us the use of their equipment including cherry pickers and railings. Without this support, this is all equipment we would have to pay for in order to hold the event, so they save us an incredible amount of money every year.

We are lucky enough to have so many companies who support us in such a variety of ways whether it be offering their resources free of charge, or getting staff involved with fundraising or sponsoring an event to help us keep our costs down. For further information contact Holly Addison, Corporate Fundraiser on 01785 270808 or