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Board of Trustees

Mr Bester worked for Staffordshire County Council from 1969 until 2008 when he took early retirement/redundancy. During his time with SCC he worked primarily for Social Services with the whole range of service users.

Following the separation of Adults and Children’s services in 1992 he worked as a senior manager within Adult Social Care. Mr Bester was responsible for the commissioning of social care services within the two areas for which he was responsible (Stafford and East Staffs.) He managed a significant budget and a large and diverse staff group and had operational and strategic responsibilities across the area.

Mr Bester had good working relationships with the partners in the NHS and across the community and voluntary sector.  For the final two years he worked as a “Partnership Officer” in a pilot project within the County Council. This enabled him to develop and facilitate closer working between SCC and a whole range of operational and strategic partners for the benefit of users of services of the council.

Following retirement he has undertaken periods of Interim Management, Independent Complaints investigations, and Roles within Staffordshire Healthwatch and more latterly facilitating access to personal information for people who have been users of Children’s Services at some point during their lives.