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General Introduction

Katharine House Hospice and its subsidiary companies (Embrace Quality Care, KH Promotions, Katharine House Retail, KHH Development), take our responsibilities to protect your personal data seriously. We should only be using your data with your consent and only using it for the purposes for which you have consented. These notices describes how the data is used, processed, shared, stored, and destroyed. If you have any questions, concerns, complaints or comments about our use of your data please e-mail

Information Notice - Employees

This Information Notice applies to:
All employees of Katharine House Hospice and its subsidiary companies

Broad nature of data collected and our use of this data

  • Personal details - To ensure accurate records are kept of all employees relating to all aspects of employment.
  • Contractual details  - To ensure we can maintain the employer/employee relationship.
  • Information on health including sickness details - To ensure we can manage employees effectively, including entitlement to sick pay.
  • Induction/Training  - To ensure we retain legally required information to support the running of the organisation.
  • Appraisal/reviews  - To record employees’ progress with the organisation and the formal discussions held with managers.
  • Disciplinary/Grievance/formal processes -  To maintain records of what issues arose, how they were handled, what decisions were reached.
  • Maternity - To ensure we comply with relevant legislation, for example in regard to maternity leave, maternity pay, risk assessments and reintroduction to work
  • Risk assessments  - Where risk assessments are carried out relating personally to an employee
  • Letters sent to you  - To maintain a record of information supplied to employees.
  • Copies of DBS certificates (for required roles only) -  Where roles require a DBS check, we retain a record of the check, and the check itself until the Care Quality Commission inspect us.
  • All relevant information necessary to run a payroll that complies with the law  - To ensure we pay employees accurately, and make all necessary deductions required by law or as agreed with employees.

How we process this data

  • Information is held on manual employee personnel files and information is input onto our Personnel Database where appropriate. Electronic information is held on our main IT servers, and copies of any paperwork are kept in individual employee folders.

Sharing this data

  • Where we are statutory required we will provide information to third parties, the CQC regulator, HMRC, and other regulatory bodies. Data may also be shared with third parties where appropriate, this includes Occupational Health, the Disclosure & Barring Service, Simplyhealth and when responding to requests regarding references/mortgages/tenancies etc.
  • Personal data may also be shared with our insurers and legal advisors, for example when seeking advice and guidance about a specific employment situation

How we store the data

  • All paper copies are kept in individual personnel files in locked cabinets within a locked office.  The Personnel Database is password protected and only accessible by HR staff.  Individual electronic folders can only be accessed by HR staff and appropriate authorised line managers.

Retention of the data

  • Employee information is kept indefinitely and stored as above.
  • Copies of DBS certificates are kept until a CQC inspection has taken place.

Destruction of the data

  • Employee information is not destroyed although paper records are archived when employees leave the organisation and kept in locked cabinets within a locked office or may be transferred to external secure containers.
  • Copies of DBS certificates are destroyed by shredding by a third party supplier.

Other Relevant information Notices:

Information Notice - Recruitment

This Information Notice applies to:
Applicants for employment positions at Katharine House Hospice or its subsidiary companies

Broad nature of data collected and our use of this data

  • Name, address, e-mail, telephone  - To enable us to contact you
  • Education, Training and Employment details -  To assess your suitability for the position
  • Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form - To assess our compliance with legislation
  • Professional Registration details - Where this is required for the position eg NMC registration
  • Criminal Records Form - For those positions where DBS clearance is required
  • Eligibility to work in the UK  - Required by law

How we process this data

  • Anonymised copies of the application form are sent either as paper copies or as scanned copies via e-mail to those short-listing applicants. Personal details forms, equal opportunities forms and DBS forms are separated and not sent to the shortlisting panel.
  • Full application forms are provided as paper copies to the interview panel for those candidates who are successfully shortlisted only.
  • Equal opportunities data is entered into a spreadsheet but no personal details are recorded.

Sharing this data
This data is not shared with third parties

How we store the data
All paper copies of application forms are returned to HR.
For unsuccessful candidates, these are retained in a file for six months after the recruitment has been completed and are then destroyed by shredding.

Retention of the data
These are retained in a locked cupboard for at least six months after the recruitment has been completed.
Applicants will be contacted to give their consent if we wish to retain their details on file for future reference for positions.

Destruction of the data
The unsuccessful applications for a position are destroyed by shredding by a third party supplier after the retention period.

Other relevant Information Notices:
Successful applicants should refer to the Employee Information Notice