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Katharine House Hospice caters not solely for our patient’s physical needs but also for their social, psychological and spiritual needs.

We know that illness can lead people to think about big questions, or to question beliefs that people have built their lives on.  Here at Katharine House, we recognise that it can help to talk to someone who can give both patients and their carers the time and space to put these kinds of concerns into words.

When we say the word 'spiritual', we are talking about something which may be religious for some people but which for others, may have nothing to do with religious faith. 

Here are some descriptions that we hope explain what we mean by this:


Spirituality is the way people find meaning, hope, comfort amd inner peace in life.  It is also to do with who we are and what life is about.  It has to do with our deepest longings, our sadness and joy, our loneliness and freindships, our fears and hopes, our beliefs and disbeliefs.  Many people express their spiritiuality through religion, others find it in values and principles.  Some find it through music, art or a connection with nature.


Religion refers to faith, beliefs and practises that nurture a relationship with the Divine.  Religion is to do with a social institution as well as an individual search for meaning.  Religious needs may include worship alone or together, blessings, sacraments, prayers, seeing a faith representative, rituals or possessing holy items. 


Spiritual Support at Katharine House

The Chaplaincy

Within our team is the Chaplain, John Austerberry.

He is here to offer you support whatever your beliefs or life-stance.

He will not impose his beliefs on you.

He is a Priest of the Church of England.

He works alongside the Pastoral Care volunteers.

He is here to:


Sit quietly

Talk with you about big questions you may have

Identify with you sources of strength you can draw on

Offer support in the most appropriate way for you.

If you are religious, as well as the above:

To pray with you, if it is your wish

To contact your local Vicar, Priest, Minister or Faith leader, if you would like him to

To support you in practising your faith whilst at Katharine House

The Chapel

The Chapel is a quiet space open at all times for those of any faith or none; a peaceful place to sit and reflect, meditate or pray.

There are holy writings from the major faith traditions and prayer cards available.

A variety of music is also available.

The Chapel is situated at the entrance to the hospice.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is situated in the Day Therapies area.

It is the place where religious services are held.

It is also available to everyone as a place of peace, reflection and prayer.

For more information about the Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care at the hospice, please contact John Austerberry on 01785 254645 or email: